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What's My Cat Saying? + Saturday Morning Cartoon Cookies

Have you ever wondered why your cat is meowing? What about trilling, chattering, yowling, or purring? Cats have a wide range of vocalizations and learn to communicate with each other as well as us as pet owners. My video this week is all about decoding that cat language - we discuss a few of these vocalizations and what they mean. We also have a few adorable feline guests who show off their vocal skills, so check them out!

Our recipe this week is my own cookie recipe developed from Christina Tosi's Milk bar cookie recipe. I've been taking her 30 day baking class on Monthly, and have had a blast doing it! My Saturday Morning Cartoon cookies have a strawberry Nesquik dough with marshmallow mix-ins and Fruity Pebbles on top, and they have all the flavors from childhood - add in some morning TV and it's a throwback!


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