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Dare to Care at VEG

Happy (almost) fall!

I've been an emergency veterinarian with Veterinary Emergency Group for a couple of months now, and can say I have truly enjoyed working for a company with the values and model that connect me to my purpose as a veterinarian. If you haven't heard of VEG before, we are a group of emergency veterinary practices who aim to keep people and their pets together in times that matter the most. No one wants to have to bring their pet to the emergency room - it's stressful, uncertain, and taxing. VEG is designed to allow you to stay with your pet during the experience and allow you to be there for as much as you want to be. This job has really helped me connect with my WHY - the reason I became a veterinarian - and share that with people and their pets.

There are many reasons why I love this job, but one of them is the fact that VEG gives back to the community as well. This month is Dare to Care month, where VEGs across the country are dedicating a day in September to donate ALL proceeds to our hospital's VEG Cares Fund, which goes towards underserved pets in the community, and a charity of our choice! TOMORROW is VEG Alpharetta's Dare to Care day in which the proceeds from the day go toward these causes. We are also hosting a 5K on October 3rd, and giveaways this month! See the link below for more information about the fundraiser and how to get involved.

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