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Tearin' Up My Heart: Heartworms Explained + Soft Pretzels and Beer Cheese

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Today's the day!

My next video is up on my channel- and this time we're talking about heartworms. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you've heard the name heartworm too many times to count if you're a pet owner. Have you ever wondered why it seems like your veterinarian is so obsessed with them?

We're discussing the disgusting lifestyle that heartworms lead- from birth to their 5-7 year(?!) lifespan - and why these things matter to you and your pet. We're talking testing, treatment, prevention, heartworm and cats...the whole enchilada.

Our recipe this week is soft pretzels and beer cheese- actually a more simple recipe than you'd think, and the perfect comforting snack! Check out the video below and let's dig in!


Heartworm Treatment Guidelines by the American Heartworm Society:

Interesting infographics about heartworm disease and treatment:

FAQs and basics about heartworm disease:

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