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Episode 4: Money Matters- The Cost of Veterinary Care + Berry Cobbler

Today we're talking about an important topic that pet owners don't always consider when adopting -- the cost of veterinary care, including emergency care. Budgeting is always important, and if we can prepare in advance as much as possible for the unexpected, considering the cost of veterinary care may be less of a stressor in an emergency setting. In today's video, I outline four tips to keep in mind and use to prepare when thinking about how to save for your pet.

In this video we're baking a mixed berry cobbler - a simple, easy, and delicious recipe to enjoy with family and friends. Let's dig in!

Below are several articles and resources to look into regarding financial planning for your pet and general costs of veterinary care:

APPA Pet Ownership Spending Statistics

Pet Care Spending Statistics

Average Vet Visit Costs and Care Credit:

Budgeting Tips for Pet Owners:

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