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A Day in the Life of a Critical Care Veterinary Technician

Have you ever wondered who's caring for your dog or cat when you bring them in to the emergency room? Especially during the pandemic, curbside veterinary care is common. The superheroes of the veterinary hospital include veterinary technicians or nurses, who wear many hats as they work to care for your pet. Today I got to sit down with Angelina Sims, a former internal medicine and critical care technician, to talk to her all about what it was like to work in the specialty veterinary setting. Angelina has recently opened a cafe & bakery called Little Cup of Heaven in Jacksonville, Florida, and her baked goods are going like hotcakes! Be sure to check out her website below! Angelina was kind enough to share her recipe for lemon bars, which you can see me bake through at the end of the video. Check it out!

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